Thursday, January 28, 2010

DEFT at C. Emerson Fine Arts

I will Have 2 Original Paintings available, and 6... count 'em... 6 Limited Eidition Giclee Prints
Swing by and say hello, and check out the art of:

Clayton Chandler
Brandon Dunlap
Patrick Fatica
Patrick Francisco
Freak Friends
Rocky Grimes
Patrick Maxcy
Dave Rau

Deft , adj: dexterous; nimble; skillful; clever

CEFA continues it's 2010 exploration of play with 9 amazing artist from around the world. The exhibition will include custom vinyl toys, drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, and printmaking with T shirts available as well.

Opening Reception Friday February 26th 7 PM - 10 PM.

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