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"Hammers and Lambs" was a huge success. We sold out almost every night and added two shows. I just want to say, thank you to everyone that attended and supported this collaboration.

Last month was my solo exhibition entitled Hammers and Lambs (read about it HERE at the Orlando Weekly). I joined with Blue Star, producer and owner of the Orlando theater The Venue. Star created a show based around my work, and what she created was something very special.

Here are a few of the promo ads for the show...

Many photos were taken... Here are a few...

A story was written.
It was meant to guide the viewer
though the artwork and the production.

It went like this:

All of these women are alone. They are alone for different reasons.

I guess you’ve heard the story of the shepherd that broke his lamb’s leg. Many stories have been told about it.
And this shepherd was asked, “Did the lamb fall off of a mountain and do this?”
He said, “No.”
Said, “What happened?”
He said, “I broke her leg.”
Said, “Why did you break her leg? Are you a cruel shepherd?”
He said, “No, I love the lamb. But the lamb got to running away from me. And she kept straying out to itself. And I know the nature of lambs. And I know if they stray too far away, the wolf will get them. So I had to break her leg to keep her with me, to draw her to my bosom, to give her a little special food. And I’ll be so kind to her, that when her leg gets well, she’ll never leave me any more.”


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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hammers & Lambs

7p Hammers and Lambs Buffet Dinner and Beverages at The HAMMERED LAMB
10p- Art show & After Party and is FREE

FACEBOOK EVENT LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/553185588061322/

Patrick Fatica-
Orlando based artist Patrick Fatica’s oil paintings have become a staple in the Central Florida and National Pop-Surreal art community. Fatica is known for his dreamscape portraits of beautiful women. Fatica creates an image full of unexpected emotion and mixes the surreal worlds with soft touches. The porcelain skin and haunting expressions of each nymph-like creature sets the stage for a fantasy world depicted in her surroundings. 

Owner/Creator of Orlando’s newest Performing Arts Space THE VENUE, and Director, Producer, Choreographer of some of Orlando’s AWARD WINNING Favorites VarieTEASE (Carnivale, Lullaby, Deconstruction, HallowTEASE, Nouvelle Luna, and Doll Factory). She is also the creator of The Peek-a-Boo Lounge and Dirty Bingo.
Cast: Michelina Wingerter, Megan Boetto, Tymisha Harris, Elise Frost and Blue

What Happens:
With ticket in hand, the night will begin at Lake Ivanhoe’s newest establishment The Hammered Lamb.  Buffet style dinner and drinks will be served while previewing Fatica’s newest creations. Fatica took the bar’s name and used it as the influence for this newest series. He said, “The name ‘Hammers and Lambs’ created an instant mythology. This is the closest thing I’ve come to a concept album.”
After dinner, be whisked away by O-Cart to Lake Ivanhoe’s newest performing arts space – The Venue. Blue has used Fatica’s work and created her newest Award Winning VarieTEASE show around it. The After Party and art show follows with both Blue and Fatica in attendance.

Can you just view Fatica’s work: YES at THE HAMMERED LAMB
Can you only go to VarieTEASE: YES $20
If you choose both: $40 in advance $50 Day of Event

HOW DO I GET TIX: Order online at www.thevenueorlando.com or
Purchase Tix at The Venue or The Hammered Lamb or call 407.412.6895

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