Friday, January 9, 2009

Triple Threat

Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know about an Orlando show coming up on Thursday Jan 15th. It's at City Arts Factory from 6-9pm. Triple Threat is the combination of 3 separately curated art shows designed to work cohesively as one uniform exhibition
"TRIPLE THREAT" promises to bring Orlando's emerging pop-surreal and urban-contemporary art scene, 1 step closer to significance. The merging of this caliber of artists under one roof, is something that has yet to be attempted in Orlando. Thanks to young curators, plus the newly opened BOLD HYPE Gallery, and the City Arts Factory in Downtown.
Orlando's emerging contemporary art scene has the energy and momentum to get heads turning.

Th painting a couple of posts down of the girl in the red woods (From Above You How I Sank Into Your Soul, Into That Secret Place Where No One Dares To Go) is the piece I will have on display and for sale at the show. Hope to see you there.

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